I am a talented and enthusiastic … with more than … years’ experience in … I am currently seeking a … position to take my career to the next level….


Let’s try to be real. I have been drawn to digital marketing while I was studying something else – linguistics. People might get surprised when I mention this, but I do see a coherent pattern in what I did.

Afterall, the goal is always communicating with people.

With that being said, I’m no amateur. I have been learning on the field, accumulating valuable experience. I specialize on SaaS companies, B2B and tech. I work internationally, because I work remotely (or vice versa, if you like).

The pain points I can solve for you:

  • You’re struggling to find a coherent voice for your brand
  • You can’t put in place a consistent marketing strategy that moves across different channels
  • You want to find lead generation methods that go beyond paid das
  • You want to love your leads down the funnel and lead them to convert
  • You are seeking to lower your CAC and increase ROI

If that’s the case, I truly believe I can do something for you.

Let’s have a chat and get to know each other.

I’m already excited to meet you.